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A damaged or cracked windscreen (windshield) is a danger to your own safety.

A windscreen (windshield) chip repair costs is a fraction of a full windscreen (windshield) replacement cost. If you have a chip in your windscreen (windshield) it is advisable that you pay us a visit at WindShield Specialist for a free repair consultation it before it becomes a crack.

Examples of the type of windscreen (windshields) damages

Can you see any of the above on your car?
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In many cases, it is possible to repair the windscreen (windshield) without having to replace it. To prevent the cracking from spreading we will inject a clear resin specifically to fill the crack in the windscreen (windshield) of your car. If it is not possible to repair your damaged windscreen (windshield), we will provide professional service to replace the windscreen (windshield) of your car.

For your information, all models and makes of car have different windscreens (windshields).
You may have double-glazed glass, sun reflecting glass, heated windscreen, etc.
Consultation is required to provide you with exact cost of repair.



At WindShield Specialist we will always try to repair your existing windscreen (windshield) before replacing it with a new one, usually saving you both time and money.

Contact us to arrange free of charge consultation and we will provide you with best value option.

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Windshield Glass Repair

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